Episode 2 of the Truth about PET Cancer!

By April 5, 2018 November 29th, 2018 Animal Articles, Your Mane Track
Janice L. Blake pet cancer

Tonight, you’ll discover some truly SHOCKING information about the pet food industry regarding pet cancer.


•         The little-known genetic switch that “turns off” pet cancer – scientific studies and trials prove it’s TRUE.

•         Why “grain free” food is killing your four-legged friend – dirty little marketing trick scams pet owners into spending hundreds of dollars a month.

•         Horrifying ingredient sparks FDA pet food recall – top 5 pet food manufacturers are praying you don’t hear about this…

•         Species-appropriate diet tips you’ve never heard of – know the basics of nutrition and SLASH your pet’s risk of cancer to virtually ZERO.

•         Is your furry best-friend overweight? Find out the #1 thing you can do to get your fur baby healthy – and help them lose weight FAST.

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