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TNR: Adopt, Warehouse, Rescue Is Not Working


Trying to do TNR (Trap,Neuter, Release) for cats as a measure of population control is not working and never will. It’s an exercise in futility, although I, for one, keep doing it and thinking I am helping the cat overpopulation problem.

Where are your donation dollars going? Who gets to push them around here and there, from this account to that account? How many cats spend their lives in little, sterile, stainless steel cages with little to no interaction every day of their pathetic lives, with their people patting themselves on the back for “rescuing” all these hapless cats and locking them up in captivity forever?

What we are doing, or trying to do, isn’t working and chances are, doing the same thing over and over isn’t going to change the outcome in this instance either. Something more, something with greater compassion, must be done.

This article makes a few good points. The writer is an unconventional veterinarian with unconventional ideas. Of course, the veterinarian world despises him, but that merely gives him more credence in my book.

Click here to read all about him and his revolutionary proposals. Something must be done, and not just with this problem, but with all our problems we are now having with the animal population, thanks to our forebears and their unstoppable greed.