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Photo by Barbara D. Livingston

Summary of “How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse”

This book explains how an exercise rider takes a Thoroughbred race horse to the race track and back safely.

The first few chapters go over being in the barn, saddling, and preparation before mounting.  Once mounted, it is explained what to do before exiting the barn and heading toward the race track.

The Thoroughbred race horse is then followed to the track and various situations are pointed out of which to be aware from an exercise riders point-of-view.

Once on the track, it is explained how to get the horse to the correct pole at which to begin the gallop.

The remaining chapters follow the same gist of what to do, how, and why it is done.  However, this is not a lesson in how to ride.

Janice L. Blake Relaxed Walk Photo by Barbara D. Livingston



A relaxed walk with, “Rudy” back to the barn.





Summary of “How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse”

There are chapters about the other people on the race track and why they are there, such as the hot walkers, the gap attendants, the clockers, the track maintenance crew, and others essential to the smooth operation of the race track every morning.

Getting a Thoroughbred race horse back to the barn from the track after the exercise can be an adventure in itself and this is also explained in detail.

Back at the barn, unsaddling is explained, as is talking to the trainer, and preparing to get on your next horse.

Specific ailments of Thoroughbreds are gone over as well as how the exercise rider handles speaking to the trainer about his/her horse.

Breezing and breezing on the turf are covered.

“Draw Reins” is the only chapter concerning any type of direction about re-schooling the race horse.

The last chapter gives advice on how to become a jockey.


Summary of  “How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse”


by Janice L. Blake