How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse Book & DVD Combo





“How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse” takes the reader along with the horse and rider on the journey from the barn to the race track and back. Janice expertly gives pointers on how to arrive safely at the track and back home again. This book was written with the hope of reaching people who thirst for a better understanding of the Thoroughbred race horse and how to improve the methods in which it is handled.


In her 6 instructional videos, Janice takes you through the process of preparing the horse to go to the race track, and what to do upon your return to the barn.


Learn “How to’s” In All 6 Videos
  • Video #1: Necessary Horse Exercising Equipment
  • Video #2: Tying Your Knot in the Reins of the Bridle
  • Video #3: Race Horse Saddling
  • Video #4: Checking Race Horse Tack and Getting a Leg-Up
  • Video #5: Exercising the Thoroughbred Race Horse
  • Video #6: Putting Race Horse Tack Away

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