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My Testimonials From Happy Clients

Janice L. Blake never ceases to surprise, inspire, and delight those who work with and know her. When I think of Janice, I think of the traits that have served as the foundation of her success as a jockey, a businesswoman, and an animal advocate:

Tenacity, Determination, Honesty, Courage, Compassion, Discipline, and, last but not least, Respect for others and the Environment.

These innate qualities, combined with Janice’s breadth of knowledge and life experience, are gifts that she is willing to share with those who seek guidance on all manner of issues—personal and professional.

She is a natural teacher who easily and gently guides others to a way of thinking that they would otherwise never have reached in so short a time.

Colleen BrownPersonnel Director

I read Janice Blake’s book on how to be an exercise rider a year or so ago as I was seeking to break into the Thoroughbred racing industry as an exercise rider. I searched for material online given my limited experience and was consistently let down. Janice Blake's book, "How To Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse" and her YouTube tutorials are one-of-a-kind in that they are not only so helpful to up and coming riders, but there is also no other material accessible!

We all have to break into the industry somehow and without any kind of experience or connections within the racing world, that is nearly impossible! I’ve always been an advocate of the sport and a competitive equestrian growing up, but it wasn’t until reading and watching Janice Blake's material that I gained the confidence to go out and try for a job within the industry. I now gallop for a racing farm full-time as an exercise rider and am working towards my assistant trainer’s license.

I attribute the majority of my success from reading and watching Janice Blake’s material on “How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Racehorse."

Erin WolfAssistant Manager and Exercise Rider

Before I met Janice, I had a feral cat and kitten problem in my back yard, and so did my friend down the street. We were beside ourselves with what to do about all these cats, as there seemed to be no acceptable solution, and the population was getting out of control. Plus, my neighbors were complaining about all the cats running through their back yards. The cats were tearing up my flower beds and howling and screeching at all hours of the day and night.

Janice came to the rescue, trapping all the feral cats in my back yard in order to have them spayed and neutered. She also took all the kittens to a no-kill shelter where they could receive proper vet care, be socialized, and eventually rehomed.

I'm so happy now that my feral cat problem is under control and the kittens have gone to a decent place and are off the streets.

Thank you so much, Janice, for solving this problem for me!

Bonnie JohnsRegistered Nurse

Very practical advice written in an edgy, straight-forward fashion by an obvious veteran rider.


This book is a well-needed addition to Thoroughbred literature. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be involved in the racing industry, at is destined to become the exercise rider's bible!

Well-illustrated with the photos by racing industry's renown equine photographer, Barbara D. Livingston. The photos in this book are like getting a collection of high-priced art. I bought the Kindle version.

Can't wait to add the print version to my equine book collection!

Maureen MillenAuthor

Meeting Janice was a God send! She helped me by trapping a pure white cat who was always getting pregnant. I called several other feral cat trappers and, unfortunately, the mother cat remained elusive. She knew what the trap was and would not go into it, no matter what bait the trappers used.

With her running loose in the neighborhood, it led to many more unwanted litters and the feral cat population exploding in my yard. Many of her kittens did not survive because she was so unhealthy and physically spent from having kittens over and over again. Most of her kittens were unthrifty as well and had trouble surviving.

I met Janice when she approached my house looking for another elusive, female, feral cat. She asked if I was feeding in the neighborhood, and we struck up a conversation. Within the week, she trapped my elusive, white female. Janice was the only one able to get her and take her to be spayed. I was so relieved that the mother cat would have no more unwanted pregnancies!

My life is less stressful, no more worries about the kittens that won’t make it or would have to grow up and live outside. I am very happy to have met Janice who happens to be very good at what she does and is one of the most diligent people I know. She has assisted me greatly with many more cats in my yard and other issues as well.

Thank You, Janice for all of your help!

Always grateful,

Maryann MorriseyFurniture Sales Manager

Janice L. Blake knows horses. She knows what makes them want to run and how to treat them. Her little asides make this instructional book race forward like a Derby winner. This book will please not only those who want to learn more about training and exercising horses but also anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the connection between rider and horse, human and beast.

The voice of the author and the training explained in such detail mirrors our own listening to, honoring, and being patient and persistent in everyday life.

This is an interesting look into the mind and practice of a horse trainer/ animal whisperer.

Bill FeingoldAuthor, Financial Analyst

The same qualities that successful jockeys innately possess—that rare blend of fearlessness, focus, determination, discipline, knowledge, passion, compassion, and sensitivity—are the qualities that help anyone succeed in business and in life. Janice L. Blake brings all that to the table and more, as time and time again she helps those around her to achieve their goals.

In the years that I’ve known Janice, she has inspired me to never quit, to always think creatively around challenges as they arise, and to confidently reinvent things when necessary. Janice is certainly never one to get stuck or left behind “at the starting gate."

Janice helps her clients to remain optimistic, to stay focused, and to never back off until they get what they want and meet their goals.

Elizabeth SvenssonEditor

In "How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse," Ms. Blake goes into explicit detail about how to ready a racing horse for its morning exercise on the race track. It is a step-by-step manual written in prose.

Janice goes into just enough detail without being repetitive or overbearing. This is a delightful volume of getting along with any horse or animal and how to make the entire experience enjoyable. She is a natural teacher and one can feel her love for the horse in between the pages.

I can see this book being used as an educational tool in equine racing studies throughout the world in many different languages.

This is a terrific book. It is very easy and fun to read and follow. The quotes are in well-placed areas throughout the text which makes the reading more meaningful and deepens one's understanding and feeling for the horse itself.

I love the visual motif of Janice's red jacket and helmet cover throughout the photos of the book. These go along fittingly with the horse's red blanket and bridle. Barbara D. Livingston's photos are clear and well-composed as is indicative of her style. Bravo to all involved!

A masterpiece of equine racing lore.

Harriet L. BeahanTeacher, 30 years

Janice L. Blake is an experienced and knowledgeable horsewoman and animal advocate who has produced a book that will expand the reader’s knowledge and appreciation of the sport of Thoroughbred horse racing. Whether one aspires to have a career at the race track or just wishes to gain some behind the scenes insight, Janice’s book delivers in eloquent style.

Well-crafted, entertaining, and organized to aid the reader in understanding the intricacies of piloting and training a Thoroughbred, the book is an excellent read for anyone interested in Thoroughbred horse racing.

Kudos to the author for a well-written and very interesting book!

Susan PartainUniversity of Pittsburgh

In her book, "How To Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse," Ms. Blake shares her love and appreciation of horses. Her well-planned guidance is presented for every novice to negotiate the bumps she likely experienced, which will benefit every person on the track. Her first-hand knowledge is delivered with a desire for everyone to succeed.

If you’re interested in learning about exercising Thoroughbreds from a passionate horseman, you won’t be disappointed. The quotes sprinkled through the book remind us, the reader/rider, of the poetry of riding while learning the mechanics.
A must read for anyone who loves horse racing and is eager to learn the preparations associated with it.

This book categorizes Ms. Blake as a true ambassador for Thoroughbred horse racing.

DAHHorse Rescue

I’ve know Janice for many years. She has always had a weird affinity for animals and their well being and has made her life work in the care and betterment of all animals and their lives. I have personally witnessed her using her natural, intuitive talent for handling animals of all temperaments in many different situations.

Janice’s energy, dedication, and determination has made her ideally suited to be a tremendous coach, and I wish her all the success in the world!

Andrea ChelemengosCity Clerk

I’ve been watching Thoroughbred horse racing for many years, but I was only a casual fan until several months ago. Now I’m at a point where I want to learn about all things equine.

While watching horseracing on TV, I heard about a female jockey name Janice Blake and, even though I didn’t know her, I sent a friend request on a social networking site. I did this thinking that, if she accepted the friend request, I’d get little tid-bits of information regarding horses and horseracing. You never know, right? Well, Janice did accept the request, and I found that I really hit the jackpot with her! She has a treasure chest full of information that she’s actually willing to share with others.

I thought “How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Racehorse” was extremely informative. Ms. Blake really goes into detail, she goes over everything step-by-step. Some readers might think certain parts of the book are harsh, but I don’t think that’s the case at all. I found Janice to be a very matter-of-fact author who delivers common sense information. Parts of this book put cold, hard reality in front of the reader and lets them know: “this is how it is, this is what you can expect.”

Overall, this is a great, informative book that I can’t wait to read again.

Lori HahnAnimal Activist