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Richard’s New Keto Life

Richard is a Grand Teton National Park Ranger (cool job) and during the winter ate so much, like a pre-hibernating bear, that he could not fit into his park trousers for his Spring call of duty. He decided to get serious about losing weight and did just that. How? you might ask. He went on what is called the Ketogenic Diet and it changed his life.

Going into ketosis is not a serious health condition (you are thinking diabetic ketoacidosis, MUCH different!), but a way for your body to help it switch over from burning sugar as fuel to burning fat. A keto diet is high in fat, moderate in protein and very low in carbs. How do you make your body switch over? You have to cut down on eating carbs. What are carbs, you say?

Carbs Are White

Basically, as a general rule, carbs are anything that is the color white. Uh, like a candy cane? Yes, exactly…and bread, which is made from flour. What do you mean by bread? That would include what your common sense thinks it is: any type of bread or cereal, including breakfast cereal, tortillas, and pita bread, and muffins, and rolls, and cakes and…basically anything you see in your local bakery is made from white flour.

What else is white? Sugar, which starts out brownish, but ends up white after being refined. What are a few things made of sugar (like what isn’t, these days?)? We have cookies, soft drinks (the devil), any kind of sweets you’d like to mention, even peanut butter has lots of sugar in it, if you bother to read the label. Ok, you got sugar, I’m sure.

What else is white? Potatoes are white, rice is white (several kinds), pasta is whitish, but still full of carbs. Now in case you are thinking you could eat whole wheat pasta and get away with it, wrong. Pasta will always be made of flour, meaning lots o’ carbs.

Back to Richard. Richard began going into ketosis as soon as he stopped eating carbs and his body freaked out, and said, ” Wait a minute, what else have we got here to use for energy if we don’t have carbs?” Ah ha! Fat! Yes, we’ll use all this fat as fuel to help Richard live his best life! And that’s just what happened, leading Richard into his new keto life!

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