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Would you like to know more about what it’s like to be a  jockey? Read more here!

As half intuitive horse-whisperer and half sports jock, I am your link to the other side: the horses.

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Jockey, author, speaker, and passionate animal defender


“I love to educate and help people to connect with horses on a deeper level. This can happen within many different disciplines and activities. I believe any time spent with horses can elevate both parties in an empowering, beneficial way.”  ~Janice L. Blake


“How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse” - Book


“How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse” - DVD


“How to Groom a Horse” - eBook


“How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse” - eBook


“Como Ejercitar un Caballo Pura Sangre de Carreras” - (Spanish) eBook


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