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Hello again, Everyone!
It seems our world is slated to change drastically by others whose only aim is to increase their wealth and power. We must fight back against this tyranny the only way we can, outside of getting a gun and killing other people, which all good people find reprehensible.
The way we can and must fight back is with our money and how we spend it. That is what the tyrants want and that is exactly what we must not give them.

What To Do

Firstly, what we must do is begin to spend cash again; every day when you can and especially on Fridays. There is a movement now called “Cash Fridays” worldwide, where people who are aware are only spending cash on that day in order to send a message to the greedy bankers that they cannot control us completely with their digital currency, that is credit cards, online transactions, etc. Anything you use to pay for something where you don’t use cash, is digital currency. We must go back to using cash; therefore, they cannot track us. They do not know who is spending the money, or where or with whom, at whose business. This is a simple, fundamental right of ours that the bankers are planning to take away; but they cannot if we keep using cash and refuse to be followed around wherever we go.
The message for you today in this blog is #CashFriday. Here is the link where I got the idea. It was created by an international group of people who are all doing this every Friday.  CashFridays

#CashFriday – Solari Report

He says, “We will have the technology to enforce that.” Yikes! They will not have it unless we give it to them. Use cash, people. Money is not theirs. They act like they own it. They don’t.

It is our money the bankers want. We work for it. They want us working for them. No. We will spend our hard-earned money where we want, how we want, and when we want. You cannot and will not stop us. We will not comply!

Already doing this in China

This system has already been implemented in China by the Communist Party and now they are trying to do the same to us. If we do something the government does not like, they can stop us from going places, buying food, or whatever. Imagine not having any money to spend. If the money is put on an all digital system, that is how we will be. I am not with that idea, so I am telling everyone I know to start using cash again. Technology has gotten out-of-control and we need to go back to a more basic style of living. We can do this if we act together.

Remember, spend cash as much as you can, especially on Fridays in order to send a message to the tyrants.

And P.S.  Stop buying products Made in China. I know it’s not easy, but compare products and buy the one Made in the U.S.A. Our future depends on it. We have to start supporting each other again and not out-sourcing what we need to other countries. The politicians got us into this mess, and it’s up to us to get us out of it.

Thank you!