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Cover Girl Takes the Leap!

At long last, one of the most high-profile, economical beauty chains, Cover Girl, has gone completely cruelty-free, as evidenced by being certified by the Leaping Bunny Logo. The internationally-recognized logo of the leaping bunny is not given out unless a stringent list of requirements is met. For example, if the product line is still sold in China, where animal testing is MANDATORY for foreign products, the leaping bunny logo is not approved. Cover Girl admirably pulled its line out of selling in China for that very reason and should be supported by all of us for doing so!

Leaping bunny Equines and Animals Janice L. Blake

Recently, PETA gave its approval to Dove for being cruelty-free, but this is not the entire story. Dove is still sold in China, so therefore, it must be tested on animals, by Chinese law. PETA has sold itself out just so it can give a false, fake approval to a large corporation, which most likely gives PETA a huge “donation” for the cruelty-free designation. Dove is owned by Unilever which also has under its aegis, Johnson and Johnson, Proctor and Gamble, and Colgate-Palmolive, some of the worst offenders of environmental pollution and degradation out there. Corporate profits come before all with Unilever.

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