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The contest rules for the contest on St. Patrick’s Day, Tuesday, March 17th are set.

A question will be put to the group, and then answers will be tracked in the Comments section. Likes are included but Comments are also necessary. You have to write something in the Comment box as part of the engagement, so invite your friends to the group so they can help you make Comments and do Likes and Shares.

Levels of Winners

There will be 3 levels of winners. One will win for engaging the most with the entire contest. Another will win for the most inspirational answer to the question (which means whoever got the most engagement on their answer), and the third winner will be a randomly selected participant who engaged.

The prizes will be announced on Tuesday at the start of the contest, but let’s just say one prize has something to do with a favorite picture of one of your animals.🥰

I’m so happy you are here. Thank you for supporting my group, Hope you have fun in the contest! 😄😄😄

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