“How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse”

How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse BookPhoto by Barbara D. Livingston

Another shining review!

“Janice L. Blake knows horses. She knows what makes them want to run and how to treat them. Her little asides make this instructional book race forward like a Derby winner. This book will please not only those who want to learn more about training and exercising horses but also anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the connection between rider and horse, human and beast.”

~Bill Feingold, author of “The Undoing of Cowardice”

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Book – “How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse”


Follow along as Janice gets a leg-up, rides to the track, and brings her horse back to the barn unscathed.


Janice L. Blake Book Cover

“How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse” takes the reader along with the horse and rider on the journey from the barn to the race track and back. Janice expertly gives pointers on how to arrive safely at the track and back home again. This book was written with the hope of reaching people who thirst for a better understanding of the Thoroughbred race horse and how to improve the methods in which it is handled.


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DVD – Companion to “How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse”


In her 6 instructional videos, Janice takes you through the process of preparing the horse to go to the race track, and what to do upon your return to the barn.

How To Exercise A Thoroughbred Race Horse DVD

Learn “How to’s” In All 6 Videos
  • Video #1: Necessary Horse Exercising Equipment
  • Video #2: Tying Your Knot in the Reins of the Bridle
  • Video #3: Race Horse Saddling
  • Video #4: Checking Race Horse Tack and Getting a Leg-Up
  • Video #5: Exercising the Thoroughbred Race Horse
  • Video #6: Putting Race Horse Tack Away


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eBook – “How to Groom a Horse”

Beginner Level

How to Groom A Horse, For Beginners


Jockey, author, speaker, and animal advocate Janice L. Blake takes a horse from the pasture and tells how to groom the horse properly in order to get it ready to ride.

This book goes over such actions as how to get mud out of the tail, how to comb the tail so as not to pull out all the hair, how to comb the mane and forelock, how to pick the feet, and several other important points to go over on the horse in order to make sure it is fit and able for a ride that day.

A must read for anyone just starting out learning about horses and how to make sure the horse being ridden is healthy and ready for the day’s exertions.


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eBook – “How To Exercise A Thoroughbred Race Horse”


Janice L. Blake Exercise Horse Female Jockey


This is the eBook version of “How to Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse.”

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eLibro – “Como Ejercitar un Caballo Pura Sangue de Carreras”


Como Ejercitar un Caballo Pura Sangre de Carreras por Janice L. Blake



“How To Exercise a Thoroughbred Race Horse,” in Spanish




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