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Animal’s Lives Are Getting Better, Little By Little

Animals Deserve Better

Near the end of 2018, the Humane League reported that Proposition 12 was passed by California in the mid-term election. This was a tremendous victory for our animal friends, albeit merely a partial one. The animals included in the bill will still be abused, just not AS MUCH. Animal Right’s Groups were not completely happy with this victory. The changes still leave much to be desired in the way of giving animals a better way of life.

With the prodigious amount of corporate opposition to bettering any animal’s way of life, especially those who reside in CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), this is indeed a victory.  We must be happy with any sign of progress, however minuscule.

Our campaigns are working. We must continue on if all sentient beings on the planet are to live  in a pain-free, harmonious existence. It’s up to us on top of the food chain, with dominion over other animals, to see to it that they are treated in a most gracious and respectful manner.

One day it will be. The situation is better than it was before and will continue to improve. Those of us on the vanguard must keep the pressure on to force this change for our animal brethren. As we know, the powers that be are not going to willfully change the status quo, especially with how lucrative it is for them. One good aspect is that once one state takes up the banner, other states will fall in line, until they all adopt the new way of living.

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